Where does the time go…

Busy times, child number three on the way, due at the end of next month; along with trying to buy and sell houses and work has been great fun. I want to blog about some of the technicalities of what we’ve been building, and will try to get around to that, but in the meantime we’re talking about some of it at:


Essentially, we’re working on services out in the cloud that provide content discovery, interoperability and access services for content providers. I can highly recommend the white paper by our CTO Justin, available for download from above.

more coming soon.

On a lighter note…

I had the great fortune of being reminded of Nizlopi today. I’ve got the album already, I’ve had a while and it’s brilliant.

They’re just releasing their first single and you must buy it! Why? because it’s brilliant. A wonderful blend of sounds and memories; that’s why the album’s called “Half these songs are about you…”

Anyway, the single’s called JCB and can be found, along with the amazing video for it, at http://www.jcbsong.co.uk/.

Buy It ! Now !


I’ve been a Christian for 4 and-a-half years now; although my involvement with Christian friends and my interest in knowing more about God has been much longer. Well, today I became baptised; a very interesting and beneficial experience…

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