ISBN 10/13 Converter in Excel

I had a batch of ISBNs to convert from ISBN13 back to ISBN10. I’ve got some C# to do it, and some Java, but figured this Excel spreadsheet converter would be useful for folks.

ISBN10-13 Converter

Free to do with what you will – provided without warranty.

24 thoughts on “ISBN 10/13 Converter in Excel

  1. Thanks a lot for this converter! It saved me much typing haha. It even saved my weekend for my manager would’ve made me work through the weekend. lol.

  2. thanks for the converter, i have a better formula for the same though, but am looking for converting from 13 to 10, this one seems to be doing 10 to 13, you have a macro or excel for conversions from 13 back to 10 ??

    would really appreciate that, thanks.

  3. For some reason the conversion only does 62 listings- I’m not a very technical person but how do I convert more than that amount?

  4. @Len, just have a look at the formulae (and the hidden columns) and copy it down onto new rows.

    Or do them in batches…

  5. Many thanks for the traffic to my ISBN10-13 converter: I get regular hits via this site and I’m constantly intrigued to think that although the “official” deadline to switch over to ISBN13 has passed, bookish people out there still need to do conversions.

  6. @peterg22, that doesn’t surprise me at all. There are still lots of people working with ISBN10 data and a constant need from anyone who picks up a book…

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for this. It’s ridiculous that web-based converters insist on charging to do bulk conversions to ISBN13.

  8. Thank you so much for this! A lot of customers (especially Amazon) still use 10-digit ISBNs but publishers have long since fully converted to using 13-digits.

  9. Well thank you so much I had put together a converter based upon a mathematics formula and it worked perfectly in one direction but not the other, I realised that the translation of formula to excel function was probably the culprit, however now thanks to you I do not have reinvent the wheel as your solutions work fine

    Regards Pete

  10. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your great work. You not only saved me time but also lot of bother.
    I’m very grateful for your help.


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