Marc, RDF and FRBR

I’ve been playing with some ideas over the past six months on how we can really move bibliographic data forwards into a structure that could have huge benefits.

The impetus to describe some of that for everyone finally came in the form of a conference, with a deadline for submission that is in just a few days time. The conference is WWW2008 and the workshop is entitles Linked Data on the Web. There are a whole load of reasons to go – I got to go to last years and learnt a huge amount as well as getting to speak about data licensing.

This year I’ve submitted a substantial paper about the work I’ve done on finding relationships in MARC data, something I’m already scheduled to present on at Code4Lib late next month. I’ve had a lot of help thinking about these problems from Nad and he’s helped out enormously on getting the paper finished. Thanks also have to go to Danny, he’s been of huge help understanding how to think about RDF and how to describe it – he wrote chunks of the paper too.

Please, grab the paper, have a read and let me know what you think.

Semantic Marc, MARC21 and The Semantic Web. (PDF, 440Kb)

Update: Thanks to Damian for pointing out the error in the example turtle – don’t know how we missed that!