Domain Specific Editing Interface using RDFa and jQuery

I wrote back in January about Resource Lists, Semantic Web, RDFa and Editing Stuff. This was based on work we’d done in Talis Aspire.

Several people suggested this should be written up as a fuller paper, so Nad, Jeni and I wrote it up as a paper for the SFSW 2009 workshop. It’s been accepted and will be published there, but unfortunately due to work priorities that have come up we won’t be able to attend.

A draft of the paper is here: A Pattern for Domain Specific Editing Interfaces Using Embedded RDFa and HTML Manipulation Tools.

The camera ready copy will be published in the conference proceedings. Feedback welcomed.

Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement – O'Reilly Radar

In the short run, the Google Book Search settlement will unquestionably bring about greater access to books collected by major research libraries over the years. But it is very worrisome that this agreement, which was negotiated in secret by Google and a few lawyers working for the Authors Guild and AAP (who will, by the way, get up to $45.5 million in fees for their work on the settlement—more than all of the authors combined!), will create two complementary monopolies with exclusive rights over a research corpus of this magnitude. Monopolies are prone to engage in many abuses.

The Book Search agreement is not really a settlement of a dispute over whether scanning books to index them is fair use. It is a major restructuring of the book industry’s future without meaningful government oversight. The market for digitized orphan books could be competitive, but will not be if this settlement is approved as is.

from Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement – O’Reilly Radar.

Kyocera Concept Phone | Fubiz™

La marque Kyocera vient de présenter ce concept de téléphone avec écran OLED pliable en trois parties tel un portefeuille. Doté d’un clavier, de boutons rétro-éclairés et entièrement propulsé par l’énergie cinétique. Plus d’images du projet dans la suite.

Kyocera presents this concept phone using a flexible OLED tri-fold screen, like a purse. With a keyboard, backlit keys and powered by movement. More photos of the project to come in the future.

Photos of the Kyocera Concept Phone at Fubiz™.